The Film

Filmed in Supermarionation tells the story of a group of struggling filmmakers and their unexpected, explosive success making space-age puppet television series. Although they hoped to prove themselves as filmmakers and move on to live action productions by producing shows like Supercar, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Thunderbirds, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson actually led their team in revolutionising the art of film and television puppetry, crafting series that have endured and proven hugely inspirational for generations of filmmakers to come.

Hosted by Lady Penelope and Parker, the puppet stars of Thunderbirds, this illuminating, heart-filled and often humorous documentary reunites original crew members and returns them to their old workplaces to tell the story of their past success. Brand new interviews, demonstrations of how the special model effects were created, rare archive footage (some of which hasn’t been seen since the ’60s) and newly restored high-definition clips from the many iconic series all add up to make a tribute to this pioneering team!

Stephen La Rivière (Director/Producer/Writer/Editor) is an accomplished author and documentary filmmaker. This film stems from a love of Supermarionation and a long-held desire to showcase the incredible puppet and special effects storytelling developed by a talented team of artists some 50 years ago. He is the author of Filmed in Supermarionation, the comprehensive illustrated history on which the film was based.

Andrew T. Smith (Associate Producer/Writer/Editor) is a former academic tutor and author of Marx and Re-Marx: Creating and Re-Creating the Lost Marx Brothers Radios Series. In addition to his nuts and bolts role as Associate Producer, he co-edited the film and co-wrote the scenes in which Lady Penelope, Parker, Scott and Brains tells the story of Supermarionation.

Justin T. Lee (Designer) comes from advertising post-production, where he works as Flame artist, designer and animator on television adverts and pop promos. He devised a Swinging Sixties-inspired aesthetic to inject the colours and designs of that exciting era into Filmed in Supermarionation.